Land & Water Lesson 4

Team Names:Aria,Guilio,Neve and Andrew
Lesson 4: Investigating Streams

Section A: Vocabulary

1. Find the vocabulary terms for Lesson 1 in your glossary. Next to the term in the glossary, write "Lesson 4".

  • rivulets
  • source
  • springs
  • gullies
  • tributaries
  • river
  • stream table
  • rill

Section B: Prediction

Q 1.
What do you think will happen in this investigation (2pts.)
A 1.
It's going to make the dirt (soil) really black and wet and will make the slope move down. It looked like it had little rills.

Section C: Comparing Streams

Directions: Complete only the first column during Lesson 4. You will complete the other columns during Lesson 10 and 13.

Lesson 4
Lesson 10
Lesson 13

Picture of stream


Length of stream (cm)
39 cm

Width of stream (cm)
19 cm

Width of soil dropped
at the end of the stream
16 1/2 cm

Other Observation

Section D:Streams

Q 2.
How did the water from the stream source change the land (2pts.)?
A 2.
It got it sucked down,made the slope longer and got alll the humnus and sand really wet.

Q 3.
How were these changes in the land different from or similar to the changes caused by the rain in Lesson 3 (2pts.)?
A 3.
The similarites is that both the slopes got taller and the diffrent is that the sand is wet.

Turn to the record sheet 4-A to complete.